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We determine drug target and drug responses quantitatively for preclinical and clinical projects using functional genetics.

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What we do

BioPhenyx helps our customers determine drug targets and drug responses in a multitude of settings from the earliest target discovery to patient response to therapeutics.

Exceptional data on the role of molecular targets in disease etiology and their responsiveness to drug candidates are critical for better development of therapeutics. This will reduce attrition rates in development programs and clinical trials.

The BioPhenyx team has invented and developed the CRISPR-Select technology to generate unmatched data quality. We perform precise, fast (weeks), and quantitative analysis of a candidate drug target or a drug response in cells, where we introduce mutation(s) needed to address the question. This is done with no need for cell line generation and clonal selection.

Do you need to investigate and/or predict, e.g.:

Is my protein or gene a good drug target?
Is my drug candidate working?
Does my drug act on-target?
Which patient genotypes will respond to my drug?
How should my drug best block my target:
Catalytic inhibition?
Protein-protein interaction inhibition?
Elimination of protein expression?
Is my mutation benign or pathogenic?

BioPhenyx may help generate vitally important data to clarify these questions

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